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Inakadate Japan: This Rural Japanese Village Grows Epic Rice Paddy Art to Attract Tourists!

Other Surrounding Areas Of Aomori Other Contemporary Arts

The Japanese town of Inakadate has become famous for its rice paddy art (called Tanbo Art in Japanese) held from early June to October. Rice paddy art is the use of a rice paddy as a gigantic canvas by planting different rice varieties of different shares. It's said that rice paddy art originated in the town of Inakadate in Aomori Prefecture. The designs change every year and have included such themes as Star Wars and Roman Holiday. What is it about Inakadate's rice paddy art that draws visitors from all over the world? Photo provided by: Inakadate Village Planning and Tourism Division

Visiting the Sacred Japanese Gardens of Matsushima's Entsuin Temple

Sendai And Matsushima Temples

One of Japan's three major scenic spots, Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture, is home to Entsuin Temple. Also known as the matchmaking temple, it is also a popular thing to see in Matsushima for many tourists. There are many fun things to do at Entsuin Temple in addition to walking in its beautiful garden, making original prayer beads, and praying! The autumn leaves when illuminated is a sight you really must see.

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