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Kamaishi Japan: Kamaishi Unosumai Recovery Stadium and Sightseeing Spots in Japan’s Rugby Town

Other Surrounding Areas Of Iwate Other Architecture

The Rugby World Cup was held in Japan from September 2019. One of the venues is Kamaishi City in Iwate Prefecture, which has been developed into a “rugby town,” where the Nippon Steel Corporation Kamaishi and the Kamaishi Seawaves RFC, who have achieved seven consecutive wins in the Japan Championships, remain active. Two games were held at the Kamaishi Unosumai Recovery Stadium, which was reconstructed in 2018: the September 25th Fiji vs Uruguay match, and the October 13 Namibia vs. Canada match.

Must-Try! Creative Konnyaku/Konjac Desserts from Japan's Yamagata Prefecture

Surrounding Areas Of Yamagata

Konjac (konnyaku) is known by many creative phrases: devil's tongue, voodoo lily, snake palm or elephant yam. Its starchy root (called a corm) contains a high amount of fiber and is used in a variety of Japanese dishes. Yamagata Prefecture has the highest consumption of konjac in Japan. Here it is used in different dishes such as the specialty dish “Tama Konnyaku” and special autumn dish “Imoni Jiru (potato stew).” Here we will focus on new dishes using konjac. We visited Narageshuku Tanno Konnyaku, a facility that has focused on konjac dishes since they opened their doors in Kaminoyama City. With new types of konjac dishes and sweets, the way you look at konjac will be sure to change!

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