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Noboribetsu Onsen Day Trip: Jigokudani 'Hell Valley' And a Natural Hot Spring Footbath!

Noboribetsu / Lake Toya Rivers, Lakes & Canyons

Noboribetsu Onsen in Hokkaido is well known for its 9 different types of hot springs. There are lots of sights to see centered around these hot springs. Jigokudani (literally, "Hell Valley"), for example, exudes both gases and hot water, and Oyunuma, a super high-temperature spring, accumulates sulfur. In order to see these springs for ourselves, I decided to take a guided tour of Noboribetsu. It even ended in a natural footbath! This was truly the best tour I've ever experienced! *Taisho Jigoku and Oyunuma River Natural Footbath will be closed off from Nov 6, 2016. (You can walk up to Oyunuma). Date of reopening not yet decided. (As of May, 2018)

Hoshino Resort Tomamu's Ice Village: Hokkaido Winter Wonderland!

Furano / Biei / Sounkyo Theme Parks

Hoshino Resort Tomamu is a large-scale resort located in the Yufutsu District of Shimukappu Village, about 1 hour 40 minutes by car from the Shin-Chitose Airport with an area of about 1,000 hectares. When visiting in winter, one can expect plenty of powdered snow to ski on! However, that's not all this resort has to offer. Introducing the resort's very own "Ice Village," a little winter wonderland town where you can enjoy the full experience of Hokkaido's cold, winter-time beauty.

Japanese Drinking Culture is so Different! Exploring the World of Japanese Bars

Sapporo / Chitose

Whether you want to drink while eating your favorite eats, sing your heart out with a little help from some liquid courage, or have some fancy wine while peering over the landscape of Tokyo’s night view, there are a plethora of places one can go to enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverages in Japan. Want to make some drinking friends for the night? Try a standing bar where almost everyone is a regular and willing to give newcomers a chance. Wishing that cute bartender would pay just a little more attention to you? Head on over to a snack bar. Whether you’re drinking alone or with a group, the possibilities are endless.

After Your Flight to Hokkaido: How to Get From New Chitose Airport to the Best Sightseeing Spots!

Sapporo / Chitose Airport

New Chitose Airport is the main point of arrival for most visitors for their flight to Hokkaido. From there, as you might expect, there are a ton of different transportation options available, so it can be pretty hard to choose which is right for you. We put together this guide to help you find out how to get from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo and other popular sightseeing spots.

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