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5 Things That Shocked British Tourists About Kyoto Shrines & Temples

Gion, Kawaramachi, Kiyomizu-dera Temple Other Sightseeing

Visited by many tourists, Kyoto shrines and temples are some of the city's biggest draws for international tourists. While Japanese locals are naturally familiar with Kyoto shrines and temples, how do overseas visitors view them? What do they think about the city of Kyoto and its locals? Today we interview travelers from Britain who share what shocked them when visiting the temples and shrines of Kyoto. (This interview reflects the personal opinions of the interviewees.)

Dine With Rabbits! 9 Cute and Cuddly Animal Cafes in Tokyo

Shibuya Other Cafes and Sweets

We all know how cute Japan can be. From its sports teams’ mascots to large corporations’ logos, from team parks to clothing, Japan is the land of the kawaii. This is one of the things that make Japan what it is. Of course, pets are no exception and Tokyo has become the world capital of entertaining, fun, and adorable pet cafes. In the bustling metropolis of Tokyo it’s pretty hard to own a pet. Most apartments won’t allow tenants to have furry companions on the premises, but that doesn’t mean that Tokyodites don’t crave some cuddly time with their favorite animals. This is one reason why pet cafes have grown so quickly in number and variety. Join as we introduce you to 9 of Tokyo's most adorable animal cafes!

[MOVIE] DRUM TAO’S MANGEKYO – a Kaleidoscope of Taiko Drums

Shinagawa Shows

Japan’s traditional drums, taiko, conquered video games, modern pop music, and stages all over the world alike. Ranging from small to so big that they tower over whoever plays them, taiko drums have held an important place in Japanese culture ever since the 6th century. One group, however, has taken the traditional art of taiko drumming and adapted it to the global style of the 21st century in the most fascinating fashion imaginable. Meet DRUM TAO and their Martial Art of Drumming!

Kobe Beef in Kobe: 3 Best Restaurants Near Sannomiya Offering Affordably Priced Kobe Beef!

Kobe, Sannomiya, Kitano Teppanyaki

When you visit Kobe, Japan you really must get Kobe beef! It’s even better when the price of Kobe beef is reasonable. From scrumptious beef bowls to Wagyu steaks, here are three restaurants serving up great lunches of Kobe beef in Kobe. They are sure to meet your expectations in terms of budget, quality, and quantity.

'Japanese Drivers...' 5 Weird Things That Shocked a Veteran Taiwanese Traveler About Japan!

Tokyo Station

According to data offered by the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO), about 4.8 million Taiwanese visitors arrived in Japan in 2019. There are many people who visit Japan many times, including families. What is it that surprises Taiwanese people who travel to Japan? I asked a Taiwanese woman from Taipei who has visited Japan multiple times, what is it that shocked her the most when she was in Japan. The following reflects her opinions.

Top 10 Sightseeing Spots Near the Hokkaido Marathon Route!

Sapporo / Chitose Other Sightseeing

Enjoy some sightseeing after the Hokkaido Marathon, the island's largest marathon. Summer in Sapporo has a refreshing average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, and travelers flock to Hokkaido as a kind of summer retreat. It’s also a long-awaited season for sports enthusiasts, with clear, pleasant winds and the arrival of marathon season. After watching or participating in a race, you’ll surely want to do some sightseeing. Here are the ten top spots around the Hokkaido Marathon route ranging from famous sites to lesser-known places.

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